Faith in the heart of ancient Transylvania

Alex and Sam with three of their visitors

25 June 2013

Eventually we had to tear ourselves away from the God-given peace of Casa Harului and head across to the ancient city of Alba IuliuStrategically located on the Mureş River, this city has Roman roots, was the capital of the Eastern Hungarian Kingdom, capital of the Principality of Transylvania, and sports an immense Austro-Hungarian bastion that excited my love for all things historic.

More importantly we had a wonderful time of fellowship with Daniel’s daughter, Alex, and her British born husband, Sam, as they kindly showed us the sights and talked about their life in the city. Dodging the stormy rain in the local museum and eating a simple lunch in a local fast-food restaurant, we were able to get to know Alex and Sam a little. Clearly they are just as faithful and dedicated a young Christian couple as Daniel and his wife Fouzia were in their early days. All their thinking is focused on seeking God’s will for their lives, and in the face of many challenges they showed real determination to live missional lives right where they are and support their small church in reaching out to the people of the city.

I came away convinced that God’s kingdom in Romania must be set to grow if He continues to harness young people like Alex and Sam to his work, and praying that Britain would see many more of its own young couples like them.

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