Kwaheri Kenya

1st September 2013

The last two weeks have passed so very quickly and thanks to the gracious support of our hosts, Silas and Rahab, we have learned so much about Kenya, about its people, and about ourselves.

So it is only fitting that we have spent our last day in Kenya with our amazingly hospitable hosts; back again at their lively church, and then at home with them for a family meal around their big dining table.

It is an example of their open hearted character that “family” included us, a brother, a nephew, a missionary friend, his children, and our driver!

The time Silas and Rahab dedicated to us is all the more precious because they are so busy running the ministry of One Mission Society (OMS) in Kenya – a ministry locally called “Equip and Release”. Their primary focus is the training of Kenya’s pastors and church leaders wherever they are found – the city, the slum, or among the marginalised in the countryside. Wherever they can they bring the training to the busy pastoral workers for “on the job” training; that Christ’s gospel might better flow out across Kenya and beyond. Silas and Rahab describe this as “Equipping Africa, Transforming the world”.

Part of our afternoon was spent with me practicing my coaching skills on Silas and his brother, Paul, as we started to build a new blog site for Equip and Release. So in a few days all of us will be able to keep up with this ministry at!

Silas and Rahab have set themselves a huge task, but they know – as we sang at their church this morning – their God is an all powerful God who is able to do all things. And in the last two weeks we have had a glimpse of how God’s gifting to this husband and wife team has allowed them to build strong and growing partnerships across the country and across church groupings.

It has been inspirational to see Silas and Rahab following in the footsteps of Jesus, and in such a needy country see them demonstrate God’s love through practical, grass roots, humanitarian action as well as prayer powered spiritual ministry. Ruth and I have witnessed first hand how this ministry is being used by God to bear fruit across the varied geographies and tribal cultures of this amazing country.

We salute you and bless you in Jesus name, our brother and sister. May God continue to bless you in your work. Whatever direction our mutual Lord takes Ruth and I, you have helped Him change us forever.

Kwaheri Kenya – until we meet again. Kwaheri Silas and Rahab – until we meet again.

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