Tapita Malawi

Jacara Malawi

What images will persist, I wonder, for Ruth and I as we leave Malawi and Africa? For sure there will be images of rolling seas of tea bushes, of bright lilac colored jacaranda trees, of vast planes of dusty bush, of proud exotic animals, of litter strewn slums, of mud floors and tin roofs.

However I am convinced that the truly persistent images of Malawi and of Africa will be of the faithful brothers and sisters we leave behind. Compared to our homeland we found friends materially poor, struggling with a lack of education, and adrift for the want of more of Christ’s shepherds. But we also found friends with faces shining with the love of Jesus, humble homes thrown open in wonderful hospitality, and lives where the little they did have was completely dedicated to the growth of God’s kingdom.

Looking back over our four weeks in Africa it would certainly seem that God has been working Africa’s rich red dust deep under our skin. It has been a privilege to see God in action through the head, heart and hands of his African children. As we re-enter our Suffolk life our planning for the future needs to await further prayer and reflection. However as we we say “tapita Malawi” we know we will never forget you or be the same again because of you, and we are sure we will meet again.     

Tapita Malawi. Until we meet again.


2 thoughts on “Tapita Malawi

    • Hi Sang, I was only in Malawi for two weeks after two weeks in Kenya. But it was a very busy two weeks organised by my hosts in Zambezi Mission and Zambezi Evangelical Church. My wife and I learned so much and fell in love with the country. Of course as a Scot I had heard about Livingstone and Malawi from birth so I was excited to finally be there!

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