‘Moni’ Malawi – here we come again


Its been over 6 months but finally, tomorrow, aboard a Kenya Airways flight, we will be heading back to Malawi with Mike Beresford of Zambezi Mission to further investigate the opportunities for us to serve Christ in Malawi.

We will be meeting many old friends from last summer and hopefully meeting many new ones as we see more areas of the country in a very different season of weather, and see different aspects of the work carried out across this captivating nation by Zambesi Mission, Zambezi Evangelical Church, and River of Life Church .

Thank you to all our friends for your support over the last 6 months as we have prayerfully considered our future calling. God has graciously given us greater clarity over our passions, skills and gifts. Our prayer now is that He will use this visit to further clarify, for all parties that would be involved, whether our next step is indeed towards ‘The Warm Heart of Africa‘.

Our itinerary will leave us without an internet connection a lot of the time, but watch this space for our haphazard and stumbling recording of images, thoughts and reflections.

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