Making partners for pastors

Saturday 12th April 2014

Mrs Mercy Mkwezalamba

Mrs Mercy Mkwezalamba

We were delighted to returned to EBCoM on Saturday to meet with a remarkable lady, Mrs Mercy Mkwezalamba, who some time ago established a course for the wives of the male 3rd year students. In a culture where women so often fail to complete high school this is an innovative step.

Mercy is obviously a woman of strong faith and strong character and we were fascinated as we listened to her stories about how her training had opened the eyes of so many women to a deeper life with Christ.Indeed a significant number of wives come to college without being Christians and Mercy estimated that in the last year 4 of these women had made commitments of faith through Christ using the course to challenge them.

The women study such matters as biblical studies, the foundations of Christian life, the nature of Christian ministry, health care, child care and home economics. Everything that Mercy feels is required to turn these women into the ministry partners that Malawi’s hard pressed evangelical pastors require.

It is with a mischievous glint in her eye that Mercy explained how she has built the course based on her own experience: I was a real problem for my late husband when we first went into ministry, and I want to help these women be precious partners for their husbands.

However, it was with obvious pride that Mercy explained how her course was still causing trouble for pastors! For many of the women grew so much in the single year that they arrived illiterate and left having demonstrated preaching skills at college devotions that rivalled their husbands!

Mercy and Ruth at EBCoM

Mercy and Ruth at EBCoM

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