Grand Designs

Thursday 17th April 2014

Gulliver Prayer House

Gulliver Prayer House

It reminded us a little of our time in Plano, Texas in the 90’s as we drove through the large flat plots of land on the outskirts of Lilongwe that were filling rapidly with expanding suburbia. And there, incongruously, in the corner of a giant building lot, sat the small “Gulliver Prayer House” of ZEC.

However, talk about vision! Championed by the experienced old elder Mr John Davya, Pastor Mapemba and his very able leadership team that includes finance and business experts, has the vision of turning this dusty square of land into a regional complex with revenue earning auditorium, modern flexible church building, Sunday school and admin block, and staff houses!

The idea was that as they built, the new housing would flow out and around them to give them the harvest fields of people that they desired.

Elder Davya and Pastor Mbendera

Elder Davya and Pastor Mbendera

John described it as a David and Solomon task. Just as God had given David the vision of the temple but given the task of realizing the vision to his son Solomon, so Mr Davya recognized that the vision God had given him was now in the hands of these younger brothers and sisters to implement.

In such a challenging economic environment the focus and faith of Gulliver Prayer House really challenged me about our attitude to the relatively small development planned in my little home church in relatively affluent Suffolk. By God’s Grace we had built a similar cross-generational partnership but did we really have the same belief in it as God’s grand design?

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