Once again it’s time to say ‘tapita Malawi’

Thursday 24th April 2014


All too quickly it is time for us to once again say farewell to Malawi.

As we drove up the escarpment from the Shire River to Blantyre this afternoon at the end of our second road trips, I must admit that I found myself disappointed that it would inevitably be some considerable time before we would be back in what now feels like a second home.

Once again, while the magnificent splendour of the varied geography has been breathtaking, and the excitement of traveling to remote places in the company of new friends has been captivating, the greatest memory we will take away is of an amazing people showing amazing faith and hospitality in amazing circumstances.

Whether it is in the biggest of cities or the remotest of villages, whether it is from a bent grandmother or a fresh faced youth, whether it is within the smartest of big churches or the humblest of thatched prayer-houses, we have been welcomed with open hearts and open arms.

Perhaps even more than our last visit we have learned the simple truth that the most important things in life have so very little to do with financial wealth and status and so very much to do with character and faith, and that we in the ‘west’ have so much to learn from our ‘majority world’ brethren.

It was certainly a very special way to celebrate Easter 2014 and through this second trip God has well and truly worked the rich red dust of Africa deep under our skin as he has given us greater clarity over where and how we might serve his kingdom here in ‘the warm heart of Africa’.

Tapita Malawi. Our prayer is that it will not be long until we meet again.

PS With Internet access so rare this time because of our extended road trips, watch out for more posts over the next few weeks as we return to broadband life and can better share our thoughts and comment from our Easter travels.

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