Left for dead

GeorgeWe had a great time with the zm supported students as they left for their Christmas holiday at home, but as ever it was their personal testimonies that really stayed with us.

One student spontaneously got up during our meeting; let’s call him ‘George’. Pulling up his trouser leg he showed us scar tissue and eaten muscle from his ankle right up his calf. He told us all how some years ago he had a wound that just would not heal. For over a year this wound got worse and worse, and he got weaker and weaker as infection set in. Eventually he got to the stage where he could not move, could not speak, and felt his breathing getting shallower and shallower.

The details were hard to understand in translation but it appeared that he was given up for dead and laid out on the table as his family gathered in the house. Despite his perilous state he distinctly remembers a light in the corner of the room that seemed to attract him in, but also feeling an overwhelming conviction that it was not yet time for him to go. Suddenly he regained conciousness, opened his eyes, and spoke out loud. “You can imagine my mother’s reaction” he said.

It is perhaps not surprising that such an experience should ensure a young man re-examines life’s priorities and George told us how it turned his life to Jesus, how he could not help but share with everyone around what he saw as his miraculous return to life, and how it had brought him here to college with the help of zm.

Let’s pray for George, his ‘Lazarus experience’, and that he will continue to grow in wisdom and grace at ECBoM as he is fitted out for a life in Christ’s service in Malawi.

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