Build your house on the rock …

floods-malawiMalawi is one of the most densly populated countries in Africa, seems to have few if any planning laws, has little resources for infrastructure development, and in desperation many are forced to build in places that make them very vulerable. On top of that, rural homes are built from burned-clay bricks formed out of the soil around the house, and sometimes cement isn’t even available for use in the mortar.

It is no surprise therefore that, soon after the delayed rains started, we now hear and see the tragic results of a few weeks of heavy rain falling on such a needy land.

For example, a week or so ago when heavy rains hit Blantyre it was reported that a man and two children were feared dead following the flooding of the Nasolo River in Ndirande – washed away by the flood that destroyed the house they were in. The week before this 20 families were left homeless as a hailstorm hit the Chiwembe and Manje area.

Last weekend it was reported that further hailstorms and floods had killed a further six people, displaced over 7,000 households (approx 45K people), and washed away desperately needed crops. Just this morning we heard of another incident where 20 homes within one ZEC church have collapsed.

All this might be a great illustration of the famous parable of Jesus about the wise and foolish builders (Matthew 7), and as in every nation many in this country do still attempt to build their lives on dodgy foundations without Christ, but please pray with us for the lives and livelihoods of this wonderful nation.

Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock.‘ (Matthew 7:24)


One thought on “Build your house on the rock …

  1. Such a tough time to be there and see what folks go through. We do pray for wisdom and compassion for the Churches as they cope with this… and for you both as you continue the ‘settling in’ and learning of the challenges … hope things are encouraging and the language learning is going well.

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