Malawi Flood Relief


On Saturday morning as we travelled to a meeting we saw first hand the impact of the exceptional rains on a high lying suburb of Blantyre where houses had collapsed and schools were home to displaced villagers.

Further afield and lower into the Rift Valley we know of collapsed houses and churches, and of crops (that for most Malawians are literally their livelihood) buried or washed away.

There is an immediate shortage of food, water and bedding for displaced families who struggle at the best of times. And inevitable longer term needs to rebuild and replace.

zm is right there on the ground working directly with and through partners such as Zambezi Evangelical Church. And our Director here in Malawi is on the ground assessing the immediate and the medium-term priorities.

PRAYER SUPPORT: Please pray for leaders in Malawi as they try to handle this situation with limited resources. Pray for those who have been affected by the flooding, that they would be able to find shelter and food. Pray that Christ’s disciples would know the presence, love and compassion of God at this challenging time and be able to reflect that to those around them.

FINANCIAL SUPPORT: If you want to support the relief work financialy, ZM has opened a Disaster Relief Fund. Just contact the York office via

See this BBC TV news piece for more information.


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