Child’s play

IMG_2785Wherever we go we have been so amazed at how resilient children are in their play here in Malawi. With so little material possessions their imaginations run riot and their ingenuity shows no bounds.

For example, wire is bent to form a model car complete with wheels and – in the most sophisticated versions – front wheels that can be turned by the stick you push it with. Or an old bicycle wheel or tyre becomes a hoop to push along the path. Or a few polythene bags and some wire can be tightly wrapped to produce a surprisingly springy football so you can play a game in the silt of your flood-washed village.

But perhaps I was most impressed this week by this little chap who with just damp clay from the stream beside his church had built this incredible model of a big 4×4. Eventually it was complete with spare tyre at the rear, luggage rack on the roof, and (made from grass) the giant whip aerial that is a ‘must have’ for the ubiquitous white NGO Land Cruisers that speed past him every day.

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