White van man Malawi style

IMG_3052In rural parts of Malawi ‘white van man’ has not been fooled by all the new posters springing up that entice you to ‘make your dream come true’ and buy that latest white Toyota pickup. Instead they use the more versatile, dependable and centuries old cart.

OK, I know it is the smart white Toyota pickup that is overtaking the cart in this picture not the other way round. And I know the cart is red and not white. But you get the point – and I can assure you that their driving habits are the same in Malawi as in the UK!

You see these carts carying anything and everything in the quieter parts of Malawi and typically these are drawn by two donkeys (as here in the Lower Shire) or by two oxen (as we saw in the Dedza Highlands). With natural four-hoof drive, a ready supply of fuel at the side of the road, and no need for a mechanic, you can see the sense in it.

Even the local supplies at ZEC’s Ntonda rural hospital are still transported in this way, with the two oxen doubling as a ‘tractors’ during ploughing season!

1 thought on “White van man Malawi style

  1. Terrific, thank you so much, i get a real feel for something of what you are doing. Nothing could have prepared you for this Myles. I give t thanks to my Good and continue to pray for you and Ruth. Looking forward to Dave Brown coming to Westgate on Wednesday evening. Did you get my recent email with a couple of possible of contacts?



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