Rules for talk and discussion

IMG_9546We have been helping CfCM with a holiday bible club at Maliya primary school. It is only a few miles from Blantyre but in a different world. The school has only 13 staff for nearly 700 pupils, and hardly any material resources. The only access to this isolated village is by using a long rough dirt road which has no minibus or bicycle taxi service. Piped water, sanitation, or a mobile phone service is just a dream. 

Wednesday, as I wandered off to look round the school I was struck by these simple but profound “Rules for Talk and Discussion” on the classroom wall.

  • No one should laugh at another person’s answer.
  • The teacher will listen to every answer.
  • If anyone disagrees with an answer they can politely say so and explain why.
  • We all understand that mistakes are part of learning.
  • It is more important to try than to always be right.
  • Everyone is supposed to contribute to the discussion.
  • Do not underate someone’s suggestion.

How wonderful to find such great values expounded in a school with so few material resources.

How many of us – especialy the leaders among us – would gain from applying these simple rules into practice in all our dealings with others today?

1 thought on “Rules for talk and discussion

  1. Thanks Myles, I really appreciated the reminder of how much we take for granted with free education and am challenged by the fact that no matter how little people have their inner desires to walk in a godly manner will shine through … what would be a good way to help this school?

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