Michiru’s monkeys


Yesterday (9th May) I was tempted up Michiru Mountain again – this time with Mhairi, who I discovered sets a wicked pace when walking up mountains! At one stage I had to point out that I was 33 years older than her, as she looked back with a rather pitying look on her face.

However it was once again an amazing walk in the sun through the varied landscape of dense forest followed by untamed grassland and then a lovely rocky summit with steep cliffs falling away to a lovely view north and west.

As we walked down I found myself reflecting that so much of life is like climbing a mountain: such hard work that you end up wondering why you are doing it, only to unexpectedly walk onto a summit and see the stupendous views all around.

DSCF0314The icing on the cake was getting back to the picnic area and being joined by a troop of monkeys wanting to share our energy bars!

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