Hello, we’re back!

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We thought we should say ‘hello’ as we have been so silent on steppingoutwithgod.com during our 4 week trip around the UK, and have been quite busy as we settled back in to Malawi life again over the last week. Indeed, we have already completed a ministry trip back to Mpala ZEC Prayer House (more to follow in a later post). We are pleased to say that, after a trip across dry, dusty and bumpy roads to be followed with lovely fellowship under the trees, we are now feel settled in again.

It is also such a lovely time of year in Malawi, with the temperatures beginning to climb and Blantyre looking so colourful with the jacaranda trees lining the roads in full bloom. Unfortunatly, the mosquitoes are on the wing again (with Myles’ arms beginning to show the big white lumps) and the electricity/water is as unreliable as ever.

In hindsight our trip to the UK was never going to be the most relaxing of visits with our Suffolk home to empty into storage ready for tenants to move in. After this mammoth task we managed in the next three weeks to relocate Mhairi to London where she is training for a year with Worship Central (which includes a placement with St Luke’s Millwall); attend Calum’s graduation in the Birmingham Symphony Hall; visit friends and family in Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire, Pershire, Berkshire and Devon; and deliver two bound copies of Myles’ MA dissertation to Moorlands College in Dorset.

However, our journies across the country also allowed us to renew and make friendships with zm supporter churches in Suffolk (Great Blakenham Baptist Church and Mickfield Evangelical Church), Cambridgeshire (Pound Lane Free Church joined by Soham Baptist Church), York (York Baptist Church) and East London (Canning Town Evangelical Church).

And these visits encouraged us to gather our thoughts on the last nine months. So do look out for an imminent post where we will summaries our presentation to the churches.

As we return to Blantyre, mark the ‘end of the begining’ of our 3 years in Malawi and look forward to our increasing contribution to our various ministries, we hope you will continue to walk with us as we step out with God.

9 thoughts on “Hello, we’re back!

  1. Hi M& R. Glad you are safely back and trust that your short ‘holiday’ in the UK was enjoyable. We were pleased to see you back at Mickfield and enjoyed the evening mission meeting. The team are looking forward to being with you soon.
    God bless,
    D&R W

    • We were pleased to meet up with you, at Isleham PLChurch, at to hear news of your work. Thanks for your latest blog!
      Lilian Martin. Soham.

  2. It was lovely to see you both and to hear all about your ‘adventures’ in Malawi and here in Britain! I look forward to reading the future blogs and hearing what you are up to. With love and prayers, Sue. (I hope to send a proper email to you soon!)

  3. You certainly seem to pack things in – glad you are back and running and hope that you find the time to catch your breath again as you settle to the next phase…we will look forward to hearing more and will email soon…Su & Mike

  4. I had no idea what I would see as I clicked on your website which Richard so nicely introduced. So glad to read some of your adventures for the Kingdom. Led me through memory lane which should help us to pray more meaningfully. I hope you have large plastic containers to store water! It was not that bad when we lived in that house. No doubt the general economy of the country has become more challenging and you will experience the impact of that as you meet people and go places, with so much need written on many faces. Colin Cresswell gave ZM a caption some years back: In Malawi, a little goes far!! This helped supporters outside Malawi not to despise the little they can give. But what do you do about electricity? Here in Our home in Kaduna, we have a standby generator which we now use less frequently as the electricity supply has improved.
    With our love from Nigeria,
    Abraham and Ruth

    • Dear Abraham and Ruth, what a delight to ‘hear’ from you. We are enjoying living in ‘Abraham and Ruth’s house’ as it is always referred to by our Malawi brothers and sisters, and we have heard so much about you from your old friends here. We do hope you enjoy our musings and we are so glad they bring back good memories.

      Dorothy keeps a fre buckets topped up with water for us and we have a battery back up system now that alows us to charge phones/PCs, run the 4G router and a few lights when the electricity is bad.

      Ruth (MacBean) and I hope that God will bring you on a visit back to Malawi some time while we are here so we can get to know you better. Wishing you every blessing as you continue for the Kingdom, Myles and Ruth.

      • Good that Abraham and Ruth are in touch. I continue to pray for them on Wednesdays! Lilian

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