Like pigs in clover

IMG_3819 _ New Pigsty project for income generation an Mulanje ZEC (1024x768) From its foundation in 1892 Zambesi Mission (then Zambesi Industrial Mission) has had an objective of helping the Malawi Church be self-sufficient through income generating schemes. The most successful projects seem to be those that build on traditional skills like keeping goats, as in Thambani ZEC.

We were therefore excited to see how quickly Mulanje ZEC, led by Pastor Mulamba, had progressed in using ZM donated funds to build their new pigsty at their church in Mulanje Boma. The quality of the building was exceptionally good, and we were left reflecting that alll the pigs would need was a little clover and they would be in pig heaven – and certainly in better housing than some ZEC church planters.

The plan was for the whole church to be involved with helping provide food for the pigs, reusing the manure on fields etc. The church sits in a trading centre so there will be a ready local market for the pig meat, and profit will be ploughed back into the business, used to help support the pastor, and to extend the work of the church locally.

The only problem we could see was the close proximity of the pigsty to the back wall (the pulpit end) of the church. We could just imagine an overly long sermon being interrupted by the honk of hungry piglets, as well as the more typical shuffling of the congregation’s feet!

Perhaps some of our Suffolk ‘tractor boy’ friends will be interested in this. Anyway, watch this space for updates as the pigs arrive.

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