Majete take two

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The visit by our friends from our home churches of Great Blakenham Baptist Church and Mickfield Evangelical Church meant we had an excuse to take them ‘on safari’ to Majete. The first time we were there was in May with Mhairi and, after our friends’ long hard week serving and sharing with the church in Malawi, we thought they deserved a day as ‘tourists’ and we were praying that the wildlife would turn our for them as it had for us in May.

IMG_0372 (1024x446)The park looked very different in hot dry November compared to lush green May, and the temperature hit 42 Celsius in the shade which made for hot driving. It also made for fun swimming during our lunch break at the local lodge. Even Mhairi’s doggie friend turned out to swim with us again!

DSCF2266 (1024x443)But we needn’t have worried about the wilder animals turning out. All our UK friends drove back on Monday evening hot, thirsty, but very pleased to have seen so much African wildlife up close and amazed at the creative genius of our Lord God.

DSCF2258 (2) (1024x579)Thankfully, despite her valiant attempts, Becca also managed to avoid falling out of the car window or being trampled by elephants!

I was too busy driving to take many photos this time round but, until our visitors post their photos on Facebook or wherever, we thought you might like to see a few images from the wonderful day.

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5 thoughts on “Majete take two

    • Sue, they did tons of stuff but it is really their story to tell. I am sure they will write something for the ZM site and I am trying to persuade them to do a ‘guest blog’ for us here. Visits to churches, preaching in prisons, teaching in children’s bible clubs, seeing revenue generating projects … A lot!

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