Guest post: What sort of holiday did you have?

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Many of you will have noticed from our Facebook posts and blogs here at that ZM in Malawi had a team of UK visitors with us over the last couple of weeks. In this, their first guest post, they explain how they came to observe, encourage, pray and consider.

For us it was wonderful to see Malawi afresh through the eyes of the team as God helped them to discovered so much about themselves and about Malawi during their visit. We hope to run a few “guest posts” from the team as they settle back into UK life and reflect on their experiences in Malawi.

Do PRAY for the team as they settle back into UK life, and in particular that they will be able to work through the lessons that have come their way during their time in Malawi.

So here is the first ‘guest post’ …

What sort of holiday did you have?

Mon 9th Nov 2015

“Have you had a nice holiday? Did you have a good time away?” These are the sort of questions we will almost certainly be asked as we return to work today. And yes, as a team we had some wonderful ‘tourist’ type experiences together at the Majete Game Reserve and the swimming pool in the nearby Lodge.  We also climbed Mt Michiru, which is higher than Ben Nevis!

MichiruHowever, the primary objective of our team (from Great Blakenham Baptist Church, Mickfield Evangelical Church and ZM UK) was to explore the work of Zambesi Mission, not to have a holiday.

We went to:

  • OBSERVE the work of church and mission
  • ENCOURAGE those we met
  • PRAY into the situations we experienced
  • CONSIDER further the significance of God’s Big Mission to the world.

Sometimes together, sometimes in pairs, we visited ministries of Zambesi Evangelical Church (ZEC) including schools, Orphan Day Care, Health centres; and we listened to senior church leaders explain their hopes and dreams for the church in Malawi. We joined the Children For Christ Ministry (CFCM) team sharing God’s word in Bible Clubs, including a reformatory centre for children. One person joined classes at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi (EBCoM) others joined EBCoM  students visiting locally in ministry teams and in vocational clubs.  In some places we shared our gifts and abilities, where they fitted with the ministries of local Christians – music, singing, teaching and preaching. In others we simply listened and encouraged and prayed.

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In visiting we travelled long distances and experienced a little of what it is like to go without a meal, to have to work in unsuitable conditions.

We learned to appreciate finding the water running and electricity on when we got back to the simple guest house that was our ‘home’ for these two weeks. We wrestled with the challenge of being those who have much, living alongside those who have little.

Each evening we discussed the bigger picture of God’s Mission to the Nations and the implications for us in our own churches, using the book ‘Get a  Grip on Mission’

We would all say we had a very good time away, but it was more exacting than just a nice holiday.

In the coming days and weeks we want to share more specifically, as  individuals, our experiences and what we have learned.

Please do keep praying with us as we work out where this all leads

1 thought on “Guest post: What sort of holiday did you have?

  1. looking forward to reading the experiences and having a taste again of a wonderful country and special ministry. Thanks for sharing.

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