A rule of thumb broken

The MacBean rule of thumb is: Never let Myles in a bookshop or Ruth in a music shop unless you have a day to spare!

Last week, however, the rule had to be broken as Ruth went on a flying visit to the electronics district of Limbe (sister town to Blantyre) with Stephen, Praise and Eric. Their task: to carefully decide what equipment is the highest priority for Echoes of Grace as they invest precious money gifted from UK supporters of the group.

They came away with a bass guitar (not that common in Malawi) and four radio mikes to get prepared for the non-too-distant time when the group is ready for their first public performance.

Thank you for your continued interest in this quickly developing band of lovely young people who are committed to spreading the Gospel in rural Malawi through music and song.

Do keep up with their goings on at their own site here.

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