Three little piggies – take two

We know quite a few of you were interested in the pig rearing project in Mulanje that we posted a few weeks ago. There luxurious pigsty was built with a zm grant to create a revenue stream for Mulanje ZEC supported by a committed group of leaders and members in the local church.

So, just for you, here are a couple of update photos taken by Richard Brassington from the zm UK office.

Richard is in Malawi shooting video all over the place, to create a comprehensive documentary on the various ministries of zm in the country. And, for all you piglet fans, he promises me there is video of the pigs that we might see some time.

I wonder if they enjoyed their 30 seconds of fame? 😉

UPDATE: Richard shot his video on the 18th of April and here is a bit of it especially for those of you who are following the Three Pigs of Mulanje 🙂


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