School’s out in Chikwewu

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School’s out in Malawi, and in some places that means special events for the children. Last weekend, the Children for Christ Ministry team travelled to Chikwewu, 30km along a dirt road north-east of Ntaja, to help with a children’s rally for several combined CFCM Bible Clubs, and organized by local school teacher and Bible Club leader, Dula.


On Saturday morning, the children who lived nearest the school playground started arriving from 9am. But some had to come from several kilometres away, by foot, or if they were lucky on the back of a parent’s bicycle, so it was late morning before things were in full swing.


This children’s rally had been eagerly anticipated by the children, as such things are a rare treat. After they had run off some of their energy, they gathered together for a time of singing and learning. Many of the children recited Bible memory verses they had learnt at their clubs over recent weeks and months, and there was no shortage of children to take the megaphone and lead the singing, or to play Ruth’s drums, and dance.

Elevate, Joseph and Ruth assisted Dula with the teaching of the day, and the children gave their full attention, judging by the responses to the quiz at the end.

For some, it had been many hours since they had left their homes, so they were pleased when it was time to walk over to Dula’s home, to receive the nsima and chicken that had been being prepared since early morning by a group of wives and family friends.

Then it was back to the playground for more games. Despite the heat from the sun that was getting strong by this time, the children didn’t seem to tire of races with bean-bags and a variety of ball-games – with real footballs! All too soon it was time for them to sit down for a final talk and to receive a lolly and a gospel leaflet before going home.


It was the end of the fun for the children of Chikwewu, but Elevate, Joseph and Ruth will be off to Tchoda next week for a similar event for the combined CFCM Bible Clubs in that area.

The purpose of these visits to our CFCM Bible Clubs is not just to benefit the children, and to model good practice, but to personally encourage the volunteers who faithfully run their clubs, often with no support, materials or equipment. They are doing all they can towards making sure the next generation grows up with a knowledge of God and giving them the opportunity to commit their lives to Him while they are young . We were pleased that at the end of the afternoon we were able to give a brand new football, some CEF flashcards, and CFCM lesson-plans to the leaders of each of the 6 clubs represented – they will be well used.

“We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, His power, and the wonders He has done…….. So that the next generation would put their trust in God and would not forget His deeds but would keep his commands” Psalm 78:1-8









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