Stepping out with God again

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For those who have not seen it, the ZM website is carrying an article (based on our last newsletter if you get that) which reviews our three years in Malawi…and the way ahead. Why not go and have a look at the article, and all the other faithful activities of ZM in Malawi.

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1 thought on “Stepping out with God again

  1. Some great photos here! Looking forward to seeing you sometime in the future – we have friends in Steeple Bumpstead (Near Haverhill, near Bury St Edmunds!) who we really need to visit. Unfortunately they have had major family problems which have prevented visits in either direction. Perhaps, we can arrange something in March and get to one of the churches in your direction. I too continue to hear positive news of outcomes from our time spent in Malawi, especially of progress made by former students and developments at COM Pharmacy Department. All very encouraging. Delightful to see the preaching course and songbook in use.

    Will continue to watch out for the blog, and remember you in prayers as you seek a new place of work and ministry. Warm greetings, Mike


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