We’ve moved on


As most of you know, we have moved on from our roles in Malawi with zambesi mission, meaning we have not published a blog here in some time.

It was originaly started to allow all our friends and partners to be part of our ministry as we ‘stepped out with God’ into a season of cross cultural ministry that eventually led us to Malawi.

Now (2019) we are settled back into UK based ministry after our time in Malawi and we have decided to stop updating this blog. For the meantime we will keep it live on the web and monitor ongoing interest as we hope visitors might still find the information a blessing.

If you are a Facebook friend with Myles and you are not already a member of our Stepping Out With God Facebook group then message Myles asking to join. We will continue to post there from time to time on Malawi matters. And if you do want to contact us about anything then you can still email us.

1 thought on “We’ve moved on

  1. Thanks for your update. Have you any up to date information on the flooding in Malawi and Mozambique?
    I shall look forward to receiving information about Malawi!
    God bless, Lilian Martin.

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