We are back!

Since we logged off in early 2019, Ruth had one more trip to Malawi in late 2019 in her ongoing role as a representative of Zambesi Mission, but then Covid locked the world down. How exciting that she is at present back in Malawi for the first time since!

Even then it wasn’t that straight forward because she was booked on an Ethiopian Airways flight to Blantyre via Addis Ababa. But then unrest in Ethiopia meant she had to shift last minute to Kenya Airways. Praise God that low cost tickets were still available and the Ethiopian tickets were semi-flexible!

Thankfully the flight out on Thursday 18th went smoothly and Ruth landed safely at Lilongwe this morning, Friday 19th. Even if all the covid regulations meant she was constantly having to show her ‘covid certificate’ with her PCR test at almost every stage in the journey.

Watch this space for more news over the coming days.

2 thoughts on “We are back!

  1. Wonderful to hear that Ruth has been able to make the journey. We pray that her time there will be beneficial to all and blessed by the Lord. Glenys & Bob

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