About Us

IMG_0928Our Roles

Myles will be partnering with the leadership of Zambezi Evangelical Church to support them strategically as they develop their vision and key strategic initiatives. He shares their passion for leadership training and looks forward to supporting the introduction of a
scalable and sustainable leadership training programme for pastors and elders, many of whom have no formal training.

Ruth looks forward to working alongside the Children For Christ Ministries team as they run Bible clubs and provide training for Sunday school teachers. She also plans to study the indigenous music of Malawi and in time to facilitate the creation of Bible-based worship songs in Chichewa, while using her teaching skills among the musical students at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi.

Our story

We have lived in Suffolk for 28 years. Both of us were blessed with a Christian upbringing, Ruth coming to faith before the age of 10, and Myles as a teenager.

We met while serving God at an SU Scotland camp in East Lothian. After marrying and moving south, Myles immediately embarked on a career spanning the telecommunication and media industries while Ruth taught piano from home and cared for their four children.

DSCF8146In our small Suffolk church we were involved in children’s work, church administration,
church music, preaching and teaching. We had the joy of seeing each of our children commit their lives to Christ and be baptised.

DSCF8498Since moving to Mickfield Evangelical Church, Ruth has established a very successful choir, and widened her music and assembly work in schools. Myles has overseen the launch of a church partnership with Great Blakenham Baptist Church, whilst preaching regularly in an increasing number of Suffolk churches.

Myles became involved in missions as a board member of One Mission Society, with a particular interest and involvement in churchplanting movements world-wide. His international business role also gave him much opportunity to travel and work with people from different cultures.

DSCF8395In 2011, after a challenging but enjoyable 25-year career in business leadership, Myles clearly felt God calling him to use his skills and experience in fulltime mission work, and he started an MA in Applied Theology at Moorlands College. At the same time Ruth has been exploring the use of ethnomusicology in missions; encouraging the appreciation and use of indigenous music in the worship of the church.

photo(1)We have seen the work of zambesi mission first-hand and have developed a love for the country and the people of Malawi. The depth of faith and commitment of men and women of God faithfully serving the local church while living in real poverty, and the quality and strength of men in leadership of Zambezi Evangelical Church (ZEC), have been impressed on us. The strong relationships between zm, ZEC and ZEC leaders; the small size and strong focus of zm; the integrity of the zm and ZEC leadership in stewarding and apportioning limited funds in a country of such huge need; all have encouraged us to get involved. It is an exciting time in the history of ZEC, and we share the church’s renewed vision for the future.

One thought on “About Us

  1. Hello Myles, I’ve been really enjoying your blog posts. The way you paint a picture through your writing is remarkable. As you continue to make yourselves available to God I pray He would make His purpose for your life clear and that He would continue to use you all for His glory and Kingdom. I pray for divine appointments and opportunties to share your hope, your love for The Lord and your personal stories. I hope He will make our paths cross again one day as I would love to hear and share about the things He’s done much more than analyzing spreadsheets. 🙂 Greetings to your lovely wife. Blessings, Martina Hammond

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