Repost: January Blue…skies!

Read the most recent blog from Grant and Caroline Harris as they talk about their travels and their brave work in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital here in Blantyre.

This lovely young couple have become great friends as we meet weekly at the bible study in the McGrath’s home in Blantyre.

And it is lovely to have such close fellowship with a second generation of the Harris clan when Grant’s mum and dad were our teenage friends – back in our Westerton Youth Fellowship in Glasgow.

God is good, all the time! (as they say here in Malawi … all the time!)

Grant & Caroline in Malawi

The last few weeks have been pretty steady in Blantyre. We have moved house a little bit closer to town. It’s basic, but we have a lovely little porch and garden which still allow for eating breakfast outside – one of my favourite things about living in Malawi.

Caroline is now working in the paediatric nursery – babies from 1 day up to 6 months. I am really enjoying working on a ward and having continuity with patients each day, although this makes losing patients quite a lot harder than in A&E. The ward is split into HDU – up to 15 babies and “main bay” – around 25-30 babies. I mostly work in the HDU but find it difficult when our main bay is being run by new interns who have maybe just starting working in paediatrics and are sending home 1 week old babies with very little outpatient…

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New life at Mama Debra’s Take Away

DSCF1101 (2) (1024x229)

Living Waters Church, Muloza

Our latest ZM Pastors Bookset Conference was 27-31 July in Muloza (see the approx location on Google Maps here) in Mulanje district. After the event in Mchinji the team came together again like a well oiled machine, and we were pleased to be joined by the local ZEC pastor, Synoden Mulamba. Continue reading

No ads from now on

WordpressWe started this wordpress based blog as an experiment as we stepped out with God and took a new direction in our lives. To keep costs down we used the free service that posts adverts at the bottom of the blogs so WordPress can make money from the excellent service they provide.

However some of you have commented that you are beginning to see adverts on our site that are distinctly inappropriate. Since so many folk are now looking at the site, and given we are finding it such a great way to help all our friends and partners to feel really part of our service here in Malawi, we have coughed up the $ to “go premium” and get rid of the ads.

We hope you will continue to enjoy keeping up to date with our activities and thoughts as you partner with us in ministry for Christ in Malawi.

Every blessing from Myles and Ruth on a hot and sticky Sunday afternoon in Blantyre.