Kenya at last

20th August 2013

We arrived! Ruth and I arrived early this morning in Nairobi without too much hassle – except I dropped and cracked the screen of my iPhone. Nor did we get much sleep on the plane.

But it is amazing how quickly the Kenyans have set up temporary workarounds at the airport, using big tents to get things moving despite the huge fire they had. It was still faster through immigration than Heathrow on a good day – but that is not saying much!
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The challenges of blogging as you travel


We get so used to having network connection everywhere we go that I failed to realize how challenging it would be to keep a daily journal while Ruth and I were on the road in Romania, Budapest and Ireland. There is not only the challenges of web access, but also the need to focus on the people and places we have traveled to see, and the fact that without taking my heavy PC with me I cannot get photos off my best camera while I am on the road!

I will need to get all this sorted before our Africa trip, but in the mean time now that we are home I will be updating the blog with photos and thoughts from our recent travel. Oh, and if anyone has any smart tools that allow blog posts to be built offline ready for when you do have a few minutes online then do let me know!