About zm

ZM Logo NewWe are pleased to be serving in Malawi as part of zambesi mission which is an evangelical, non-denominational agency working in Malawi and northern Mozambique: Serving Jesus and His church in Malawi and northern Mozambique

Working in partnership with the Zambesi Evangelical Church, zm aims to help African Christians to use their God-given gifts, to spread the gospel, and to show the love of God in practical ways, through health care, education and caring for orphans.

In addition, zm partners with the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi to train future leaders and evangelists

On our visits to Malawi we were hugely encouraged by the strong relationships between zm, ZEC and ZEC leaders; the small size and strong focus of zm; and the integrity of the zm and ZEC leadership in stewarding and apportioning limited funds in a country of such huge need.Find out more at www.zambesimission.org

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