CFCM comes to Khombwe

DSC_0382 (1024x450)It has been a tiring but wonderful week at Khombwe, 30km from Blantyre. Hundreds of children gathered every morning from 8.30am for the CFCM 5-Day Club, and enjoyed a morning of games, singing and Bible lessons.

The thrill of having a real football to kick around instead of one made from rolled up plastic bags, and the novelty of team games with bean-bags, and an introduction to non-stop cricket for the older age-group, all made this a special week for these children.

The chance to lead the singing using a megaphone was grabbed by some of the children, and two very excellent young drummers enjoyed playing Ruth’s drums for the singing.

The children were attentive when listening to the teaching, and responded well to answering questions and learning memory verses. The theme of the week was “Turned Around”, with 5 Bible stories telling of people whose lives were completely turned around. Our own visitors from the UK, Andrew and Catherine, had starring roles in Ruth’s telling of the story of Mephibosheth, whose life was turned around when King David took him into his own home to care for him as his own son (2 Samuel 9), a wonderful illustration of the day’s memory verse, John 1:12, “To all who received him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God”

DSC_0322 (1024x577)Thanks to local Christian school teachers (most from Khombwe, but 2 other nearby schools were also represented), who gave up 5 mornings of their school holiday to be part of the team, it was possible to divide the children into smaller groups (“smaller” being 200-300!) by school year, and provide age-appropriate teaching using the wordless book method of explaining the Gospel message. The pastor and some members of the local church also assisted, taking the strain off the very small CFCM team, and helping the whole week to run safely, smoothly and successfully.

The teachers are now motivated to start running a weekly Bible club at the 3 schools they teach in, and CFCM will try to support them with encouragement, prayer, materials and equipment. The main prayer for these hundreds of children is that the Word they have heard this week will remain with them, that the Holy Spirit will work in their hearts and that they will become true children of God.

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6 thoughts on “CFCM comes to Khombwe

  1. Lovely to see the children so happy, and sooo many.
    I pray that the message will stay with them and that they will come to love the Lord Jesus as their personal saviour.

    • Hi Jean. Out hear the balls are either way too expensive or very low quality. We will be back 5 July for a couple of weeks. Best to wait until then and we could being a few balls back with us when we return to Malawi.

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