Ananu Ziimbani part 2

img_0449-2compress1Back in November we wrote about the project Ruth has been involved with to bring old and new children’s praise and worship songs together into one book, in the 3 main languages of Malawi. Work on Ananu Ziimbani (in fact 2 books – one with music, and one with words only) is almost complete and she hopes will be with the publishers while we are in the UK in March. But with the arrival of Calum from UK, a selection of the newly composed and the newly translated songs have been recorded to make a CD.

Since the end of September, Ruth has been teaching 6-8 different songs to each of 10 Sunday School choirs, from all different churches in Blantyre. Ready or not, recording has taken place over the last 2 weekends! Praise, from Echoes of Grace, has assisted by playing guitar with Ruth on the keyboard, and other instruments have been added later.

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Some of the sessions have been a race against time, as the storm clouds gathered over Ndirande mountain, threatening to stop recording at any time. At another session, the whole choir and all the equipment had to relocate to another building because of a very loud healing service being conducted in a nearby church! Another session was in a church above a maize mill that got turned on from time to time! It has been interesting, but the children have enjoyed the experience and look forward to hearing the final version.

During the week, Calum has been busy on post-production, adding drum parts and other instruments – and a little auto-tuning here and there!! There are just over 60 songs to edit!

Well, you didn’t think he was here for a holiday did you?!  🙂

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